Sundre Prenatal Care

Anyone who lives in or doctors in Sundre and area, who is seeking
  • Pre-contraception advice
  • Routine prenatal and postnatal care
  • Counseling and education, including managing concerns and complications
  • Coordination of specialist care, if needed
  • Delivery planning and preparation
  • Check-ups to ensure the both of you are doing well in the 6 weeks after your delivery.

You will have individual appointments for pre-contraception advice, throughout your pregnancy and 6 weeks postpartum with a Physician and our PCN Registered Nurse.  These appointments will be scheduled at different intervals depending on where you are at in your pregnancy, with an appointment weekly when you are in the last 4 weeks before baby comes.

You will receive complete medical assessments and referrals to have bloodwork and ultrasounds done, and also have opportunities to discuss with our team any questions you may have throughout your pregnancy, about childbirth or after your baby is born on topics such as newborn care, breastfeeding, nutrition, and contraception. At each appointment, the clinic team will coordinate your appointments, weigh you and take your blood pressure, and then our physician and RN will meet with you to talk about how your pregnancy is progressing, including talking about your baby’s heart rate, growth and movement, and birth plan. Our team will also ensure that referrals for specialist care or other services to support you in your pregnancy journey are completed as required. 

You can call the Greenwood Family Physicians Clinic in Sundre at 403-638-2424 or the Moose & Squirrel Medical Clinic at 403-638-4433. This service is by appointment only.

This service is located at the Greenwood Family Physicians Clinic in Sundre and the Moose & Squirrel Medical Clinic in Sundre.  The clinics are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 – 4:30.


General Information

  Homepage – Healthy Parents Healthy Children

  Health A-Z (

   Pregnancy Info

Resources for during Pregnancy

Routine Ultrasounds

Dating ultrasound: Routine ultrasound – Pregnancy Info

Nuchal Translucency: Prenatal genetic screening – Pregnancy Info; 606606A First Trimester Combined Screening (2013-04) (

18-20 week Anatomy Screen: Detailed Anatomy Ultrasound – Prenatal Screening Ontario

Echogenic Foci, what is it?: echogenic_foci.pdf (

Biophysical Profile/BPP: Biophysical Profile (BPP) Test (

First Trimester

Nausea and vomiting/1st trimester discomforts: First Trimester Discomforts – Healthy Parents Healthy Children

Medications, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Safety: pregnancy_and_breastfeeding_pocket_guide.pdf (

Second Trimester

Gestational Diabetic Screen: Overview –;    Gestational diabetes

Prenatal Information: 101. a Healthy Pregnancy | Birth & Babies (

Third Trimester

Vaccinations in Pregnancy: Pregnancy & Immunizations | AHS Immunization (

Group B Strep: Group B Streptococcus screening – Pregnancy Info

What is a membrane sweep?: Sweeping-of-Membranes-Feb-2016-EditsApril.docx (

Resources for LABOUR & DELIVERY

Labour and Delivery (

Pain Control Options for Labour: Pain Relief During Labour: Care Instructions (

Oxytocin injection for Mom after Delivery: PDF Oxytocin Handout

Vit K injection for the Newborn: PDF Vitamin-K-Handout

Induction of Labour and Augmentation: Labour Induction and Augmentation (

Caesarean Section: Caesarean Section (

Vaginal Birth after C-Section:   Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) (

Resources for POST-PARTUM

Postpartum: First 6 Weeks After Childbirth (

Post-Partum Blues and Mood disorders: Postpartum-NTNL-brochure-2014-web.pdf ( Postpartum Depression (

Mom Tribe: Mom Tribe (


How to attach a baby to the breast: Attaching Your Baby at the Breast – Video – Global Health Media Project

Breastfeeding videos: International BreastFeeding Centre | Breastfeeding videos (

Useful handouts from Dr. J, Newman: International BreastFeeding Centre | Information Sheets (

Pumping Info: Learning About Using a Breast Pump (

Safe Storage of Breastmilk: Storing Breast Milk (

Resources for Using FORMULA

How much Formula to prepare for your baby: How Much Infant Formula to Prepare for Baby (

Safe preparation and handling: Formula Feeding Your Baby – Healthy Parents Healthy Children

Resources for NEWBORN/BABY Care

Newborns | Alberta Health Services:

Safe infant sleep: safe-sleep-for-your-babys-first-year.pdf (

Healthy baby health brain – infant development:

A new way to understand your baby’s crying:

Immunizations and Vaccines:

Sleep training:  NEW & IMPROVED! UPDATED 2022! Sample Schedules for the First Year and Beyond — Wee Bee Dreaming Pediatric Sleep Consulting

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