Moving on with Persistent Pain

Moving on with Persistent Pain

This FREE community workshop is for anyone experiencing persistent pain (lasting > 3 months) who is interested in learning how to focus on your life rather than your pain. Tools and skills are provided to enhance your quality of life.

8 weeks: 2 hour group sessions

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Week 1 – Purpose of Pain
  • Week 2 – Coping with Pain
  • Week 3 – Mindfulness
  • Week 4 – Flare-up Plan
  • Week 5 – Pacing
  • Week 6 – Gratitude
  • Week 7 – Communication
  • Week 8 – Making Positive Change

You can self-refer by calling 587-796-0765 Or obtain a referral from your Peaks to Prairies PCN family doctor. 

When you self-refer consider having a friend register with you as this can provide support for positive change.

If you are already seeing a P2P PCN nurse, social worker, mental health counsellor, or exercise specialist you can ask them about a referral.

Weekly homework encourages you to practice the tools and skills that has been shown to reduce your experience of pain and suffering.

Moving on with Persistent Pain is offered virtually by many of our partner PCNs throughout the Zone.  To find a virtual session, please visit[]=3

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