This FREE community workshop is for adults 18 years or older who have been diagnosed with mild to moderate hip and/or knee Osteoarthritis

8-week program:

2 educations sessions about Osteoarthritis
12 exercise sessions (2x/week for 6 weeks) 

2  Education Sessions (90 minutes each) will teach participants:

• What is osteoarthritis, risk factors, and symptoms
• Current available treatment for osteoarthritis
• How to self-manage your symptoms
• Why and how exercise can help with your osteoarthritis
• How to cope with the difficulties of daily activities associated with osteoarthritis

12 Neuromuscular Exercise performed in 60-minute exercise sessions (virtual/in-person) twice a week for 6 weeks led by our Exercise Specialist. 

You will:
• Learn how to control your movements and proper posture
• Build muscular strength through functional exercises
• Learn how to apply these exercises to everyday activities

GLA:D Canada will measure how you are doing at your first visit, 3rd, and 12th months after you start the program. 

You can obtain a referral from your Peaks to Prairies PCN family doctor. If you are already seeing a P2P PCN nurse, social worker, mental health counsellor, or exercise specialist you can ask them about a referral.

May 16 – July 13, 2023 
1:00 pm

The GLA:D program is offered in Olds and Sundre. Call for details.

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