Chronic Disease Care

Chronic Disease Care

Adults age 18 or over who are at risk for or are living with chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, or if your doctor is requesting that you have a 24-hour blood pressure monitor. You will have an individual appointment with one of our Registered Nurses who will work with you and your family doctor to help you manage your chronic condition based on a personalized approach with the goals you set and want to achieve.   

Our Registered Nurse will meet with you during scheduled appointments to develop an individualized care plan to best meet your needs in living with your chronic condition. Our Registered Nurses will also provide you with you education on nutrition, how to monitor and understand your blood tests, and any other topics that might be impacting your overall health.  If you are living with diabetes, our team is also here to conduct diabetic foot assessments and support you in managing your diabetes with insulin or other medications.

If your doctor is requesting a 24-hour blood pressure, you will meet with our PCN Registered Nurse who will connect you to the monitor, advise you on what to do for the 24-hour period, and then meet with you again the next day to disconnect the monitor for you.

You can access this service by asking for a referral from your Peaks to Prairies PCN family physician. This service is by appointment only.

Our Registered Nurses see patients in the clinics located throughout our PCN, or at our PCN location in Olds at 4920-50th Ave.  Days of work may vary depending on location, so please ask your Registered Nurse about scheduling options when booking your initial appointment.

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