Adult Mental Health Counselling

Adult Mental Health Counselling

Adults age 18 or over who are experiencing mild symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression.  Our counsellors will help you develop goals that focus on mental wellness. Please note this is a non-urgent service so if you are experiencing a crisis or need urgent support, please call 911.

Other services which we are NOT able to offer include:

  • Emergent services such as suicidality, crisis intervention, active psychosis, specific addiction services, trauma therapy
  • Ongoing therapy (currently maximum of 3 sessions)
  • Family therapy/Couples Counselling
  • Moderate to severe cognitive impairment
  • Formal assessments (e.g. court, back to work, disability, AISH, insurance assessments)
  • Counselling for youth or children

We offer in-person or virtual (phone or Zoom) sessions during daytime hours. 

Over the course of 3 sessions, our Mental Health Counsellors will focus on enabling you to use tools to help you manage your mental health concerns.  Our Counsellors will schedule individual appointments with you to discuss with you some strategies that can help you build skills, resilience and change your thought patterns. 

You can access this service by asking for a referral from your Peaks to Prairies PCN family physician. This service is by appointment only.

Our Counsellors see patients in the clinics located throughout our PCN, or at our PCN location in Olds at 4920-50th Ave. Virtual appointments (phone or Zoom) are also offered. Days of work may vary depending on location, so please ask your Mental Health Counsellor about scheduling options when booking your initial appointment.


   911 – Emergency police, ambulance, fire

   811 – Health Link

   211 – Community and Social Support Services

Mental Health and Addictions

Calgary Distress Center – 24-Hour Crisis Line (call or text): 403-266-HELP ( 403-266-4357)

Access Mental Health       1-888-594-0211

Addiction Helpline       1-866-332-2322

Mental Health Helpline       1-877-303-2642

Shelter/Food/Transportation/Income Replacement

Red Deer Emergency Shelter (Safe Harbour Society)       1-403-347-0181

Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter (located in Red Deer)       1-403-346-5643

Mountain View food bank –    1-403-556-1693

McDougal +1 program in Sundre    1-403-636-0554 * emergency hampers available

Sunshine Bus (Olds)       1-403-556-8003

Sundre Community van     1-403-638-3266

Alberta Supports: Emergency Financial Assistance     1-877-644-9992 or after hours     1-866-644-5135

Community Resources

Greenwood Neighborhood Place –     1-403-638-1011

Caroline Neighborhood place     1-403-722-3787

Mountain View Family Resource Centre     1-877-761-0033

Mountain View Emergency Shelter Society (no physical shelter, provides outreach services)     1-403-586-4765

Central Alberta Sexual Abuse Support Centre     1-866-956-1099

Health and Wellness

Alberta Healthy Living Program      1-877-314-6997

Prescription to get Active

Alberta find a Doctor

***If you are in need of resources and/or support not identified her please refer yourself to the social work program by calling     1-587-796-0765.

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