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Primary Care News - March 2018

Posted on April 2, 2018

Primary Care News - March 2018

From the Primary Care Alliance

There are many projects, initiatives and activities directed at physicians these days and sometimes it’s unclear what should take priority, and how or if they are all connected.   I can assure you that the myriad of initiatives currently at work are not a collection of “shiny objects”; there is a real connection to The Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) which continues to be the vision and goal for primary care in Alberta.  Each initiative like Physician Leadership, Integration, CPAR and PaCT (to name a few) is addressing one or more of the implementation elements of the PMH, and they are all tied together by the “golden thread” of continuity.   Continuity of care is the ultimate goal of the Patient’s Medical Home.  

For more information about how continuity connects the initiatives to the PMH and patient outcomes, I urge you to take a moment and look at the brief presentation delivered at the PCN Strategic Leadership Forum last month.  In addition, the article below provides more detail on the three types of continuity and why it’s important to patient care.

We recognize that there are a limited number of hours in the day and a great deal being asked of family physicians, but support and information is available for you and your team.  The PCA encourages you to ask questions, and seek support in continuing your work towards achieving the Patient’s Medical Home.

Dr. Brad Bahler
Chair, Primary Care Alliance

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